2015 Infinite Cup Rule Book

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2015 Infinite Cup Rule Book

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 19, 2015 12:32 am

These are the official rules for the 2015 Infinite Cup.

- Basics
- Team Rules
- Match Rules
- League Point System


- All Teams participating in the Infinite Cup must register a roster of 8 to 12 players for the competition.
-- Teams that register less than 12 players will not be able to increase their number of players once the tournament begins.
- All Teams must select three official representatives (1 Captain, and two Vice-Captains)
-- Captains and Vice Captains do not need to be part of the official league roster.
-- Captains will be the only members allowed to place line ups for league matches.

- Multi-Teaming is strictly forbidden (playing for two or more teams in the league). Players that are found playing for more than one team, will be suspended or banned from the competition.


- All League Matches will be played live, at the accorded time.
- All matches will be played in the OU Tier.
- All matches will be between 4 players from each team.
- Captains must select and turn in their 4 player line up for the Match.
- Line ups will be sent to the assigned Match official.
- Battles will be played in order. These according to each team's line up.
- All Battles will have Timer Activated.

- Each team has the option to make two substitutions during a match. Substitutions can be made only to replace a player that has yet to battle in the match.
- Once a substitution has been made, teams cannot revert to the original player for the specific battle.
- Players that have been substituted cannot play in any other battle of the match.

- Flaming, Trolling, or arguing during a match will result in players being suspended or banned from the competition. Sanctions will be decided by the Infinite Disciplinary Committee.


- The Infinite Cup will be played in a double round robin format. This means that all teams will play against all other teams in their group home and away, bringing the total to 6 matches in the group stage.
- First and Second Place of each group advance to the semifinals of the league.
- Winners of both semi final matches will face each other in the Final to decide the winner of the Tournament.
- All league matches will take place during weekend days (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday).

- Points will be awarded for the following results:
+3 Points for the winner of a match
+1 Point for each team in case of a draw
- No points are awarded to a losing team.

The Pokemon Difference Rule is applied in this tournament to help decide winners in the case of a Point Draw.
- At the end of each battle, the players remaining Pokemon will be taken and added to the Team's Pokemon Difference Total.
-- The Pokemon Difference rule will only help decide a winner on the League's Ladder and not to decide the winner of a match.


Round 1 - Saturday, May 2nd
Round 2 - Sunday, May 3rd

Round 3 - Saturday, May 9th
Round 4 - Sunday, May 10th

Round 5 - Saturday, May 16th
Round 6 - Sunday, May 17th

Semifinals - Saturday, May 23rd

Third Place - Sunday, May 24th
Infinite Cup Final - Sunday, May 24th


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